1 Purpose:

The Capital Campaign Committee at Burke Community Church (BCC) will advise the Council of Elders and execute approved plans to raise the necessary funding to expand the BCC facilities as developed by the Master Planning Committee and approved by BCC leadership/church members.


2 Committee Membership:

  • Keye Sabol (Chair)
  • Randy Navarro
  • Steve Cantrell
  • Lorrie Parker
  • Anthony Galas
  • Erin Sniffing
  • Jim Hassett
  • Julie Steadily
  • Chuck Key
  • Bob Waltemeyer
  • Mike Mears


The Council of Elders will be consulted for changes to the committee.


3 The following should guide the Capital Campaign Committee:

 • Seek God’s wisdom and guidance throughout campaign planning and execution phases.

 • Maintain the DNA of BCC – respect the heart of our ministries – to know Christ and make him known.

 • Invite the Senior and Executive Pastors to a campaign meeting soon after formation of the committee to discuss campaign philosophy, outreach and communication methods.

 • Develop and execute a Communication Plan.       Be upfront with BCC membership throughout the campaign – keep them informed. Develop flexibility into Plan. Appeal to the spirit that brought us all to BCC – avoid words of obligation.

 • Develop and execute a Campaign Plan. Plan for “Campaign Kick-off” to begin on 28 Sept 2014. Campaign will continue for three years. Consider the many different levels of belief and understanding of offerings. Research other churches capital campaigns for approaches and ideas.       Ensure aligned messaging with Council of Elders for communications from Pulpit, Website, Weekly Bulletin, BCC emailing’s etc.


4 The following activities and timeline are within scope of the CCC mission:

 • 11 Feb 2014        Feedback on Pre-publication Talking Points

 • 26 Feb 2014        Draft Capital Campaign Charter

 • 05 Mar 2014       Campaign Theme

 • 18 May 2014      Congregation vote on Capital Campaign

 • 28 May 2014      Campaign Plan

 • 28 Sep 2014        Campaign Kick-Off

 • 24 Sep 2017        Campaign completion

Updated: 11 May 2014