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Campaign Goal: $9,000,000

Purpose: In response to extraordinary growth of church membership, to raise the necessary funding to expand

the BCC facilities as developed by the Master Planning Committee and approved byBCC leadership,

Elders and church Members. Ready to make your commitment? Click on the "Make A Donation"

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If you would like more information about the campaign and ways in which you may participate, 

lease email Executive Pastor Darren Brown at

Contributions To Date:                             $7,042,034

Pledges Outstanding:                               $1,391,246

Total Commitments To Date:                  $8,433,280

OTHER ways to give

We are pleased to offer several options for ways to give to Burke Community Church. We hope you will find the following information helpful. Your generosity to BCC is always appreciated.

  • At Sunday services

    You can give by cash or check during any of our Sunday services. Checks should be made payable to Burke Community Church and please note “General” or “Building” fund on the memo line of your check. Cash donations should be enclosed in an envelope with the following information provided on the envelope: name, address, gift amount and either “General” or “Building.”

  • By Mail

    You can give by sending a check by mail to:

    Burke Community Church

    9900 Old Keene Mill Road

    Burke, VA 22015

    Checks should be made payable to Burke Community Church. Please note “General” or “Building” fund on the memo line of your check. Please do not send cash by mail.

  • Mobile

    There are now two options to give using your mobile device.Secure Give Logo

    • Option 1: Using a mobile app. Download the SecureGive app, the logo for which is shown at right. Set Burke Community Church as your home organization. Then tap “Make a Donation” to set up a one-time gift or recurring gift with your debit/credit card.* Tap “Next” and designate your donation amount to either the “General” or “Building” fund. Confirm the desired gift amount and tap “Next”. Enter your billing information and tap “Continue”. For final confirmation of your donation, tap “Confirm”.
    • Option 2: Using Text to give. Text keyword “General” or “Building” and the amount of your gift to (866) 864-8825. For example, you will text “Building 10” for a donation of $10 to the Building fund. You will then be prompted for the next step. If you do not have a SecureGive account, you will be prompted to register to begin the process. If you have card information saved as a preferred payment account, the donation will be confirmed. If you need to add a card to your account, a link will be provided to do so. You will receive a text asking to you type “Y” to confirm your donation. When it is confirmed, you will receive a text to let you know the transaction was successful. You will also receive an email receipt.

  • Online

    You can give online by setting up an ACH transfer or by using a bank/credit card through one of the three following options.

    • Option 1: For a one-time gift you can make a donation by going to the myBCC page and click the “Give Online” tab located in the upper right corner of this screen. Complete the donation form. You will need to select “General” or “Building” fund. Only debit or credit cards* may be used for this option.
    • Option 2: A one-time or recurring gift can be made by logging on to myBCC. After entering your user id and password, click the “Give” tab. You can select a one-time gift or repeating gift by using your checking account or debit/credit card*. Complete the giving form making sure you select either the “General” or “Building” fund.
    • Option 3: You can also set up online giving through SecureGive. Once on this site you can create an account in order to set up a one-time, recurring or an anonymous gift by using a bank/credit card.*

  • gifting stock

    There are great tax advantages to gifting stock. If you would like to know more, please contact Erin Sniffin ( or Steffani Mears ( at (703) 425-0205.